Dump Trailer Information

  Hydraulic Dump Lift Comparison Information

Twin Cylinder:


  • Simple & Cost Effective


Scissor Lift:


  • Scissor lifts vary the speed with which they open, move slow in the beginning when extra force is needed and quickly later when the force is not needed. 

  • Scissor lift over other lift mechanisms pack a lot of travel into a small space-ideal for longer trailers.

  • Scissor lifts extend and retract with a quicker cycle time.

  • The scissor acts as another frame or stabilizer to help increase the rigidity between the dump bed and the dump frame.

  • Gravity down does not drain any batter power when lowering the bed-more cycles per day without recharging the battery.


Telescopic Lift:

  • The great advantage telescopic cylinders have over any other type of cylinders is their ability to provide an exceptionally long stroke from a compact initial package.
  • Most force is in the initial state when extra capacity is needed.  Each state will have less force, but raise faster allowing for quicker cycle time.
  • Best mechanical angle when fully collapsed.  Ensures 100% of the hydraulic force is being applied to lifting the load and not causing extra stress in the frame or moving components of the dump.
  • Gravity down does not drain any battery power when lowering the bed-more cycles per day without recharging the battery.



Dump trailers are more complex than ordinary utility trailers and require periodic care and maintenance.  Always use the prop rod provided before placing any part of your body under the dump trailer body. 
  Regularly check and service the following items:

1. Hydraulic fluid level

2. Hose and cylinder condition

3. Moving parts for damage and wear

4. Battery water level and connections

5. Trailer axles (see your manual)

  • Grease fittings are provided on the top and bottom of the lift cylinders (or hoist) and at the pivot of the frame and the body.
  •  Regularly grease these fittings and check for wear at these points.



Load trailer as evenly as possible.  Balance the load over the axles so that the trailer applies about 10% of the total weight to the tow vehicle.  DO NOT exceed the GVWR of the trailer or tow vehicle.  Sand, gravel and other heavy items can easily weigh 2800 pounds per cubic yard or more and may not fill the volume of your trailer before it is overloaded in weight.  Keep this in mind when loading your trailer.

Approximate Dump Capacity...check your trailer for actual dump capacity:

  • 5,000lb. GVWR= 3200lbs. Dump Capacity
  • 7,000lb. GVWR = 4300lbs. Dump Capacity
  • 10,000lb. GVWR = 7000lbs. Dump Capacity
  • 12,000lb. GVWR = 8200lbs. Dump Capacity
  • 14,000lb. GVWR = 10,000lbs. Dump Capacity